Mar 052013

Well, now that I’ve done and made this blog, I have no idea what to blog about. So, how about, stuff I’ve made! Let’s start with Hobbes.

Hobbes was the accumulation of about 40 consecutive hours of creative energy all expended into one single endeavor. After a few hours of doing research online, I drove to Jo Ann’s Fabrics and bought most of what I needed. Then I went to Mom’s house and started work.

For this project, I went with the recommendation of some people online, and went with elastic felt. It’s machine washable, nice and soft, not too expensive, and has some give to it. The thing you want to remember is to remain cognizant of which direction the elasticity follows. It’s on a single axis, so if you cut in the wrong direction, you’ll sever all the elastic threads. That in mind, the first step was measuring out the pieces of fabric, and cutting them to the right sizes, which I guessed at.

To start with, we need some big pieces of fabric featuring black and orange stripes. Easy! Just cut up some black and orange felt in large 2″ strips, like so:


Then get to work sewing them back together into 2 big broad striped sheets, with black thread! Try to keep the elastic axis going down the stripe, and not perpendicular to it.

hobbes (1)

Great! The next step is to lay out all the fabric you you have for all the parts you need. Cut and lay out pieces for the face, head, arms, legs, bib and paws.

hobbes (2)

Now sew them all together. Remember, you want to turn the legs and paws inside out before sewing them, so the seams stay on the inside. Same with the head. Use as many pins as you have to in order to get a good seam.

hobbes (5)

Now lay out your parts again.

hobbes (7)

This is the only “Artistic” photo I took during the creation. I call it, “We have ways to make you talk, Mr. Hobbes.”

hobbes (9)

After that, it’s just a simple matter of sewing together the body and head, and then stuffing all the parts with polyfill. Once stuffed, start attaching the limbs and tail to the body, and close up the whole affair at the back of the neck. The last stitches you will have to do by hand, with the seam on the outside, so use orange string so it doesn’t show.

hobbes (10)

The finished product! I photographed him with some cans of tuna. That’s his favorite food!


Put a tie on him, you want him to look classy. Chicks dig classy guys.

hobbes (11)

OK, now, put him in a box and give him to your sister! There! You’re done! Now relax by the pool.

hobbes (12)

Then, wait a couple of years and then let the kid find it! Make sure you keep Hobbes well fed at all times, because tigers have been known to hunt man.

Good Luck!

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