Nov 232016

Hello friends,

The work continues.  I’m importing all the wonderful audio dialogue into the game.  Fixing bugs, doing some UI stuff.  It’s slow but steady.  I’ve been distracted by… well, VR!

I’ve gotten some over sized peripherals and attached them to my pint-sized macbook in an attempt to make it workable.  It’s kind of comical, but I’m using it more, so that’s a plus.

I’ve been getting out of the office more and more and checking out meetups and  VR experiences in my area.  I’ve checked out Arcane Reality, a pretty cool spot not far from home.  I watched some of the other devs there try out Google Earth for VR.  Holy Canoli is that an awesome experience!  I haven’t tried it yet at home, because if I do, I will lose an entire day to it, maybe a few days.  I opened up google maps online earlier today and it opened to my old hometown in China.  And I thought “Wow, I could just fly around the old neighborhood and see it all again from a new perspective.”  Why am I not doing this right now?  IDK.

Also been to a few game developer meetups.  I see now that if I’m serious about succeeding in this industry that going it alone is simply not wise or prudent.  I’ll need help from other developers, artists and animators if I’m serious about moving this whole thing forward.

I also visited Jump Into The Light in lower Manhattan.  It was a pretty good experience.  I don’t develop for the GearVR, don’t even own one, so trying it out was great and long overdue.  This was my second GearVR experience and certainly the best.  I watched a VR experience, Notes on Blindness, which is based on a feature film.  I recommend it to anyone interested in VR or Cinema.  It demonstrates a lot of things that are done right, and what the new medium can be.  As a developer it really helped me think more about audio and how to use it in my own experiences.

Work on Zellman has also been stymied by two other projects I’ve started.  One is a much better game than the one I’m trying to get out the door.  I’ll announce it very soon, I hope.  The other project, well, it’s less a project and more a business plan I’m developing.  Again, it’s in the hopper, and I hope to have a more formal announcement for you soon.

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Nov 152016

Hello friends!

Sorry to say the release is pushed back… again.  This is two deadlines now I’ve slipped.  I’m sorry, but here’s why:

  • I headed out to San Francisco to the VR Developer’s Conference!  Had a great time, met some wonderful people, listened to a lot of talks, and learned a lot.  In particular I was astonished at the Viveport VR Arcades that are rolling out in Asia right now.  We need them here!
  • I decided to stay a few extra days to attend the AT&T VR Hack-a-Thon, also in San Francisco.  I teamed up with my friends Mike and Sky, and together we made a pretty cool demo.  Check it out:  Innovation Education VR Tool Demo – The demo was for an educational assessment tool in VR – kind of a test to gauge creativity in the future job market to come.  Sadly, we did not win.  I think we were penalized for our choice of platform (Unity development with Vive) when everyone else was working with mobile phones and gear VR’s and such.  The winners did a cool hack that let two gear users share the same space with Gopro cameras taped to the ceiling.  They certainly deserved the win.  But our product was vastly superior than the runners up.  It seemed like the focus was more on AR than VR.  Still, a good experience.
  • I couldn’t get a flight back before election day, they were all way too expensive.
  • Election day was a national tragedy.  I did not sleep that night, or for several nights afterward.  I was totally freaked out by the whole thing.  Could.  Not.  Believe it.  It’s still weird thinking about it.  Anyway, yeah, not much got done at Outlier Labs that week.  I spent a lot of time cleaning, packing, donating or selling old possessions I didn’t need.  Out of instinct, I think.  I think I might be getting ready to get out of the US again.  Last time was just practice I think.  Anyway, expect the housing market to heat up next spring when Me and a million other people start putting their houses on the market.
  • Elite Dangerous 2.2 came out and I am making fantastic amounts of credits running passenger missions at the edge of Imperial space.  This eats so much of my time, but it’s a fantastic game!
  • Actual work on the project is taking longer than I anticipated.  I have a dozen tweaks and features I haven’t implemented yet, and I am still getting the audio mixed and imported.  Thankfully we are about done recording, so that’s good.  I think one more sprint will get me to the finish line.

Thank you all for your interest and support.


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