Jul 152018

Hello friends, welcome back!  So much has happened since September:

  • In October and November I moved some material around and effected renovations on our build site!
  • in December we built out the arcade!  On December 30 we had our special Demo Day soft opening, and it was excellent.
  • Then on January 27 we had our Grand Opening event, when we opened our doors for realsies.
  • February is a bit of a blur!  I worked at the arcade 7 days and 180 hours for 6 weeks.  In this period We had our ribbon cutting with the Howell Chamber of Commerce.
  • March … I think it was oddly hot or cold a lot, not remembering much about march.
  • April was Spring Break, and we booked 100% for 7 straight days!  This was by far the most challenging week for my staff and I.  Every day, we sold 153 VR sessions, which is our entire capacity.  And each week thereafter has been if not a bonanza, then at least prosperous.
  • May I also remember as being cold or something for some reason, I think the sky was angry at us, but I don’t remember the details and I think I spent most of my time inside, at the Arcade.  Oh and I had my Birthday party at the Arcade and famous Earth scientist Rick Sanchez was there!!
  • June saw lots of new business come in the door, I think a lot of loose ends were tightened up and and processes narrowed down.
  • It is now July and we have been open for over 5 full months.  I am so proud of my staff for getting to this point and growing into the team I knew they could be.

You can learn more about Ctrl V at our website:


Better yet, book a session, and come see me, because it has been a real joy building something wonderful that so many people have come to love.

My private life is doing fine, I was a workaholic starting in December and after slacking off for so much of the previous year it was nice to be fully engaged and active in my work again.  My diet is great, I started Beach Body in December guided by my cousin Erin, and I held on to it for a good long time.  And I regularly reboot into the program and am pleased with the results.  Part of my successes here have been drilling down meal prep into a science.  Now I can just walk into my kitchen, and in 2 hours flat cook 12 awesome meals, and freeze 8 of them.  This has allowed me to eat good healthy delicious food without spending my life in the kitchen.

My diet at work has NOT been stellar when I have fallen off beach body.  Huge masses of Pizza pass through my doors on the REG.  Ice cream cake too.  It usually gets left in the freezer, and I subsist on it in my lonely hours there after close.

Have gone to the gym 0 times but practiced yoga a fair amount, and more importantly I rebooted my solo practice, the development of which is critical to my next stage of development.  I swam in the ocean a few times but not for long due to some very strong currents at my home beach.  Brighton Ave is and has been a surf beach ever since Sandy changed the landscape so maybe I need to start swimming elsewhere.  I did the War at the Shore Triathlon and my time was atrocious due to lack of training.  Still I enjoyed the race and it’s fun to get together with actual athletes from time to time.  So, my health is good, I’m still fat but not so fat I can’t go for long runs or bike rides, and I do both these things as frequently as I can.  I think I’ve run at least 30 miles this year, almost all of it on sand, and most of that is the two miles and back from Brighton Ave to Pier Village, or sometimes Ocean Place, or 7 Presidents, or North Beach, or this one time parking lot 3 on Sandy Hook (when I overshot Donovan’s Reef by a fair clip by accident and negligence).

In books, let’s see, I think I started reading the Gunslinger books again back around December.  And I finished the final one last week.  I also read the new one, the 4.5 dark tower novel.  I enjoyed the books immensely, especially Wolves of the Calla which was new to me this time (my first time through I quit at Wizard and Glass.  Possibly because WotC had not been written at that time…

I have been playing LESS games lately… Started Fallout 4 VR, started Skyrim VR, started Final Fantasy III, and also VII on the MAME cabinet I got at the arcade.  Oh yes, we got a MAME cabinet with every classic arcade game and console game on it.  It’s awesome and everyone loves it.  So I can (and do) play Star Control II at work.  However I have quit Pokemon Go entirely, and in Ingress I have effected a semi-active retirement lifestyle.  There’s just no time to play games, when I’m playing games all day.  I keep up with the VR industry through a variety of online sources, and while I have not spent any of my time in a developmental role (though my staff does),  I try to keep up with the latest advances and releases.  So, yes I break my own rule sometimes.  That rule is: Play a little, every day.  It seems strange to me that there were weeks, maybe a couple weeks back during our opening, when I broke this rule.  I was so focused, I couldn’t even spend 5 minutes in Space Pirate Trainer.  But that’s what happened.  I’ve also cut my Elite: Dangerous habit to a couple minutes of stick time every week, when it used to be many hours a week.  I miss space.  I miss my guild.  But my work here on Earth still calls to me, so here I will remain, for a bit longer.

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