May 182022

By now most of you have heard that I closed my Virtual Reality Arcade due to the pandemic. RIP CTRL V Howell, 2017-2021. We had a good run. However buying this franchise turned out to be one of the worst mistakes I’ve made in my entire life. Even so, thank you for everyone that helped me get this far, especially my wonderful staff of VR Specialists. You guys are the best, and I’ll miss you.

I spent the beginning of 2022 working with the Chess Wizards after school program. I taught the Game of Kings to kids in 7 different primary and middle schools in Staten Island and Middlesex County. This job was very rewarding, plus I got to wear wizard robes and a hat to work! However the compensation was not adequate to the amount of effort I was putting into it, so I joined the great resignation and quit.

As for what I’m doing now? Well…. that’s for the next post!

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