Oct 132016

Good News, Everyone!

On Monday I founded my new company, OutlierVR LLC! Here at Outlier Labs, we are all about just hanging out and self-publishing a few VR titles here and there. That’s all. This is just the home of a few pet projects I’ll be sharing with you in the form of FREE Steam experiences, and maybe some private demos to close personal friends and non-enemies. At some point I will probably start asking for $1 or $4 for some of the more mature products I plan to put out, so I’ll be publishing those through this LLC, mostly for liability purposes. The company will also be my foil as I navigate the waters for a more permanent position with an established studio.

So, to conclude, I want to make it clear: I have no greater ambitions for my Virtual Reality company at this point, and anyone who claims otherwise is a LIAR! I am certainly not interested in complete world conquest. That is not even one of my stretch goals.

You can visit my (other) non-website here:

Outlier VR Labs

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