Dec 012016

Another slipped release date… Sorry friends, been distracted of late.

These distractions have mostly been me going to New York to talk to people at tech meetups. I’ve also been networking with other VR developers and professionals, and this is really something I should have done sooner. My game isn’t even out yet and I have feedback from my not-yet-fans. And that advice more often than not has been: “Find a graphic designer and work with them on your game”.  So happily I’ve made contact with a few local artists and animators, and I’m ready to solicit the help I need to get my game published.  I really wanted this project to be wholly 100% mine, but more and more the benefits of collaboration keep making themselves known.

I’ve been checking out VR spaces and arcades around my area… and calling it “research”. I’ve started writing a business plan but without a solid team to run with it’s all very tentative at the moment.  I think there’s a huge opportunity in the space though, and I’m going to continue investigating it.

In terms of development, I’ve decided it’s time for me to get my hands on a GearVR and develop something for it. so that is in the works.  Looking forward to it.

I’ve also ordered a green screen, so I can start shooting some basic mixed reality videos, that are all the rage right now! In fact quite a lot of these are out there right now, pretty much exclusively for Unity created games. But there’s scarcely any MR video that features flight and space sims, like DCS, Elite Dangerous, Eve Valkyrie or Star Citizen (if it every comes out).  I found some guy doing it for racing games, but nothing for flight.  Thankfully his methods appear to be sound, and I should be able to re-create his techniques to create mixed reality videos of space and flight sims.  No foreground/background issues to resolve, it’s as simple as overlaying one video over another, one from the goggles perspective, and the other from the video capture on the PC.  If I do it right, it should look like I’m really flying, with my hands visibly working the controls and everything.  I’m a little bit astonished that nobody has thought to do this yet.  Anyway, that’s my next goal the VR/MR space.  Looking forward to publishing some Mixed Reality videos and possibly some VR themed Twitch streams.  Stay tuned.

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