Oct 282016

Having a grand time here working on the game.  Here’s the latest!

  • I have a playable demo!  I break parts of it each day but manage to fix most of it before pushing my changes in the evening.
  • Usable Datapads are in the game!  Just need a little UI work and some data.
  • Lots of cool new features coming in – haptic feedback, animated hands, little mini-games being dropped in here and there.
  • More usable objects, related to the mini-games.
  • Script is finished, and we are recording voice actors this week.  Thanks to Chris, Zach, and Erin for contributing your talents.  Still waiting on three more of you to come in here and read.
  • It’s also well appreciated to have my voice actors help out as demo testers.  That thing where I messed up the hands and made the game unplayable?  And that thing where I took the gravity off something important, and it just went floating away?  And the falling to your death repeatedly?  I appreciate you finding these little problems for me.  Happy to say these are all fixed (well, 2/3 of them are).
  • Made some visual changes to the Key items, so they now better catch the eye.
  • A pile of bugs fixed.  These are mostly stuff that got wonky when I migrated the codebase from my other PC.  I ended it doing some wacky git nonsense where I made a new branch master and force pushed it up.  I also broke that rule where you only open repos with the Unity version they were written in, so after pulling the repo down it was necessary to re-import a lot of the assets that stopped running smoothly as a result.  The most blatant example of this was a mesh and some materials for one of the ships that just went missing, and had to be re-imported.
  • Exceeded the max repo size on Bitbucket.  OK well this is not really an accomplishment, it’s really more of a problem, but one I think I have solved by taking my codebase and starting a brand new repo on Github.  Where 2 gigs is chump change!  Anyway, I am pushing that repo right as we speak.  I’ve been blogging for almost 10 minutes, and it’s still only up to 71%.  Eventually I will finish, and it will be time to push out today’s build.  Hurrah!

Still some issues with performance enhancement (runs fine on my machine, but gotta try it out on other hardware), and I have a feeling my lighting maps might need to be repopulated.  Lighting needs tweaks in a lot of places.

The good news is, each night I end the day with a stable build, and soon it will be stable enough for y’all to give it a try!

I remain in good health and spirits, despite my  daunting Halloween release date looming over me like a shade from hades.

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