Jan 082017

Hello All, here’s the state of the union:

Game: Still stalled on Audio.  UX part also stuck.  Will get unstuck soon.

Business Plan: I’ve started building the seed of the business.  It exists mostly in a composition book, and done mostly in pencil.  I’ve addressed funding, branding, location, operations, deployment, staffing, and various other minutiae and they’re all getting sorted out.

Other Games: Dormant, I have a simple environment built for super ball pit mania but have not advanced on it yet.

Other Games: Arizona Sunshine went on sale, and audacious as it was, I bought a $40 game on Steam, played it myself (which I never do!) and was blown away.  That was the game of the year, it was amazing and what’s even more surprising is that it only ate through 5 hours of my life.

Twitch: I’ve been uploading twitch streams of various MR style play on my part, and even shared it with my guild in Elite Dangerous.  Still at least my Youtube is getting populated at this time, making and sharing movies has never been my focus, and I don’t really want to go in this direction.  However I do want the avenue open to

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