Dec 122016

Might as well share this with you as well, I’ve begun experiments on a new type of Nourishment:

Yes, I’m trying soylent!  Early results are positive.  I replace one meal a day, and so far it tastes pretty good, it’s filling, nutritious, and a huge time saver.  The only thing negative about this is that it’s 100% food, and 0% fiber. So I’ve been expecting a disruption to my BM’s, but so far no disasters.  Like that time I tried to eat my way through mainland China.  

I’ve been at war with my own weight for 20 years now.  While I’ve made substantial gains, total victory has been elusive, I’ve always plateaued in various places: 255 and 225 for a long time, 200 and 195 for just as long.   And it’s my own poor eating habits that are to blame. Soylent looks to be a great new weapon for my arsenal.  Each bottle is like a bullet dodged that would have otherwise hit me right in the waistline.  I don’t have to quit food entirely, like I did during the master cleanse.  But I could.  I could even merge the two strategies come summertime.  And compared to previous dietary mandates I’ve attempted (see above : “eat my way through mainland China”) … This one is much more sound.  Of course, I’ve still been going crazy on some meals, for instance yesterday I went absolutely bonkers at the Brazilian bbq place down the street from my house.  But what am I supposed to do?  I have a Brazilian bbq place down the street from my house!  Right next to jacks ribs and ale.  Which is in turn down the street from surf taco, JR’s, Isu sushi, Ming Ying and the freakin ORIGINAL WINDMILL.  And the inkwell.  Forget the new Thai place, cafes and the weird juice bars… My street is a gastronomic minefield, and I’m out there risking it every single day people.  The fact that I’ve survived as long as I have living in proximity to west end is a testament to my fantastic willpower and judgement, and I should be showered with praise and adulation for maintaining my awesome stalemate with myself!  Compound that with my considerable cooking skills, and I feel like I have every reason to to be exited about my extraordinary achievement of non-progress!

I will keep you all posted on the early results of this fun little experiment.  

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