Dec 032016

So, I messed up pretty bad and now I’m paying for it.  I did the hot yoga on Monday and over exerted myself.  “What was it Ken?  What got you?  Heatstroke?  Dehydration?  Cardiac distress?  Did you fall?”  Well I did redline my heart rate and lose a lot of water, and I flirted with heatstroke but she didn’t take me home this time.  Nope.  The doctors say I strained a muscle in my chest wall.  I walked around with it for a week, because the pain was masked.  all my muscles hurt!  But one pain would not fade away, and the more active I was, the more it grew.  And grow it did, pulling in nearby muscle groups into the action.  Until Thursday night when breathing became agony.  Somehow I managed to sleep and rest helped.  I soldiered on through Friday, but by then I was done.  It hurt too much to breathe and I had to go to the ER.  Any task requiring more than the most shallow of breaths left me in agony and fear that I would suffocate.  Even lying down in the wrong position set me into a panic.  I felt like a damn fool.  Still do.  I feel like those times I go out for an endurance run on the beach and place mental bets as to what will fail first.  Muscles? Back?  Sunburn?  Knees?  Thirst?  Nope, it’s blisters, nice job, congrats on your new callouses.  

So now I sit here, in a recliner, with heating pads and muscle relaxants, and breathing exercises.  Sleeping when I’m able and watching HBO when I can’t.  I hate this.  I have a PlayStation VR I’m planning to sell on eBay this week, maybe I should play it.  Oh but all the games are severely overpriced and I’m limited to demos.  Never mind.

I do have some progress to report.  Thursday night before the worst of my pain I was able to set up my first twitch stream!   I streamed two play sessions in Elite Dangerous!  No mixed reality, I don’t think it’s feasible ATM.  I did set up a picture-in-picture from my webcam, so that’s something.  Still, I filmed myself making an unsuccessful solo run against a federation capital ship in the Derrin system.  And a second foray into a another Hi activity combat zone elsewhere in the same system.  I got overwhelmed fairly quickly both times.  I also flew my heavily modded viper iii into battle in a low intensity zone for the first time, again to disappointing results.  Why did I spend all that effort to trick out a damn viper?  I barely lasted 5 minutes out there in the thick of it.  I love the speed on the thing, but I couldn’t even take out the first ship I engaged, which happened to be another viper.  I probably should have tried a vulture instead.

I checked the streams and they do indeed work, but nothing of my events was saved.  So from here on in I think I’m dumping live streams for pre recorded videos.  

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