Oct 292016

So, I know I’m a true dev because I skipped karaoke to fix some bugs and push out a build last night!  Problem was, my build was buggy – but everything ran fine in the editor.  Took most of the night to sort out.  Apparently, there are things you can do in (or to) Unity that make all your tags vanish!  Yup.  Lost my tags at some point.  And I saw this behavior back in August when I was struggling with this same symptom, I can only assume that was the issue then, too.  So, I gotta rebuild my tag library.  NBD but I wasn’t going to try to do that at 2 AM so I left myself a sticky note and hopped to bed and dreamed about frank Herbert’s Dune (which I read a bit of before bedtime… Recommend it.  I’ve heard the sequels are worthy too)

Thanks go out to Chris, Zach and Erin for voicing 3 of the roles in the game!  At some point I will upload and link all that audio.  It is unlikely to be complete for release.

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