Dec 082016

Continuing to make progress.  I found out that the muscle that hates me is my right side serratus anterior.  This little baby lives underneath your lats, and connects the ends of your ribs to… other parts elsewhere.  But yes, these are breathing muscles, they expand your rib cage as you breathe.  And they hurt if you strain them… for 4 to 6 weeks.  So I guess I’d just better settle in and wait.  I can sustain moderate activity for a few hours each day.  Any more than that and the pain grows to a point where it’s difficult to rest or sleep.

I have everything I need to shoot green screen mixed reality videos in Unity, and probably also in 1st person layered view for non-unity applications.  But it means moving a bunch of furniture around my studio and rigging up green screens, plus extending the padded floor and walls of my play area another 4 feet, and I’m not up for it yet.  Still kind of excited to be doing this!

After doing two live twitch streams last week (which nobody watched!) I put up my first video.  It’s not impressive… it’s my usual routine of taking my biggest ship in Elite Dangerous into a war zone, and racking up as many kills as I can before I’m forced to withdraw.  I don’t know what it is about playing in VR, but I seem to make a lot more mistakes while flying.  Stupid things like forgetting to turn on my shield boosters or deploying my hard points, whatever.  My first attempt at the video saw me get soundly thrashed as I accidentally joined the wrong side in a war and got beat to within an inch of my life by NPC’s.  don’t think I’ll be posting that.  This time I had some kind of problem with my radar and shot a lot of friendly ships, causing them to turn on me… repeatedly.  Still, the amazing thing is that I’ve been able to make all these wonderful mistakes without being destroyed.  I stumble a lot, but don’t fall.  It’s encouraging.  I think this is my twitch channel, go check it out to see my first video.  Still working out details on my very old web cam, and my very new logitech microphone, sometimes the audio gets recorded twice and it’s annoying as hell.

I think that’s my link, need to double check

Once I get the green screen working, I’ll see if I can get a video of  Vivecraft working… mine craft in VR!  I have it installed and working on my Rift PC, need to move it over to my room scale setup.  And possibly buy an account, since it’s a subscription game.

Found my old iphone 4, looking into turning it into a cheap cardboard device.  It means updating the firmware.  Never a good idea for iphones, but, what do I have to lose?  I’ve been using this thing pretty much as an ipod touch that can run Spotify.  But there was a time when this was my only device.  I had this baby jail broken and unlocked, and it was my only companion while I was ravaging china.  And not so much as a scratch on it.  I’m going to try to run cardboard on it.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

I put my Playstation VR on Craigslist, there are people there willing to pay more than I did to get it, so I might as well come out ahead on this one.  I like the product… a lot, really!  But in terms of performance it’s a cut below the PC-based alternatives, there’s a very sparse selection of games, many of which I already own on the PC, and those games are priced foolishly high, compared to their PC alternatives.  So yeah, love the console, but PC & Vive win the day.  The only console I need is the new nintendo classic, which is just about impossible to find, anywhere, at any price.  Figures.

I thought I lost most of my china journals. I kept three… two paper journals, and one on my ipad.  When my ipad was destroyed, I thought all those entries were lost.  But no, I had them backed up on “ol’ Grindy”, my venerable HP desktop replacement.  Couldn’t believe that stuff was still there, but I managed to restore my old ipad from an even older backup, and yup, all my entries are there.  So I think I’ll start posting them.  I’ll just do it on a 2 year delay, starting in February, when I went out there.  I am somewhat looking forward to this.  A lot of the entries are garbage and drivel, but I feel like a few rounds of editing, plus some nice pictures, could help create an engaging story people might want to read.  The nice part about this project is that it’s 90% done and has been for over a year.  I just need to do the final bit of polish.

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