Jan 132017

So, I gave it my best effort, but I have to sell my macbook. I like parts of it – backlit keyboard, form factor, touch pad, ergonomics in general, there’s a lot of stuff done right! Honestly, having this 13″ power house in my hands is very cool.


I’m way better at using PC’s. Sure I’ve used an Apple II as a kid, but I really didn’t git gud at computers until I got the 486 and read the Dos and windows manuals. I’m a PC guy, have been since I was 14. I’ve built them, upgraded them, programmed them, maintained them, debugged them, used them. Almost nobody can make those same claims for macs. And the problems people complain about when using PC’s? I’ve been living with and working around those problems for so long they’ve ceased to be problems. I don’t have malware issues, I have good user habits. Mucking around with drivers and codecs isn’t a problem for me. It’s a problem when I’m trapped in the walled garden, and I NEED to muck around with drivers to make something work, and I’m not allowed to.

Really, I only got the thing because it seemed like everyone who was a developer used them. I can kind of see why. But macs are useless for games. It seems like developers seem to sort into two categories: gamers, and mac users. I can’t continue to lie to myself about which category I fall into. Really, the mac is great for a work machine, by virtue of its utter useless as a recreational machine. However as a game designer / arcade owner, I must now embrace a fusion of work and play as my future.

Working around the macs limitations is a PITA too. The tiny screen is a blessing and a curse. Coming from my old HP desktop replacement, it’s a real difference. Sure I can take this thing anywhere. But when I arrive, I’m confined to working into this tiny box. Even if I hook up an external screen and USB hub and keyboard, it’s still tough for me to get around.

I’m trying to think of something I can do on the mac that can’t be done on the PC.  maybe develop iOS apps in their native environment, which is a real advantage, I agree with the purists on this.  Or use Sketch, which is mac only.  But really, for cross platform apps…. Google and Open Office have my back.  Adobe’s stuff works great on PC too.  So do all the game engines I love.  Why am using a Mac, the only PC which is physically incapable of EVER supporting VR?  That’s what it comes down to, I suppose.

So, anyone want to buy the latest 13″ macbook? It’s got a crazy powerful processor and more space and memory than I need.  Not VR ready.


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