Oct 262016

Hello Friends,

So, I created my company last week to cover my VR self-publishing activities.  Here’s a quick update on the projects I have in development:

  • I’ve broken ground on my skee-ball game, still messing with the physics of it, haven’t made any real effort to get the graphics nice.
  • Concept development on my glyph-magic game, I still want to use my Leap Motion controller so players can actually use gestures to cast spells.  I have been using Leap’s Interaction Engine, and I’m really enjoying it so far.
  • Simon Clone is on the back burner, it’s fun and it makes cool sounds and flashy lights, which I like, but I’m not sure where to go with it next.
  • Pokemon No is marching towards it’s more publishable alter ego, Ball Pit Mania.  I have fun ideas for puzzles but I’m hung up on building the environments.  What I have is a pretty fun game ball physics game/simulation with a single level to it, so the way forward right now looks to be building additional levels to the experience.
  • My flagship game, Escape from Zellman Orbital, is in progress.  Like a flagship, it is big, bulky, slow and cumbersome.  Originally, I wanted the game itself finished, done, complete by August 19, for demoing at Upload in San Francisco.  And I certainly demoed something, but what I had at the time was not the game I had envisioned weeks before.  Is that normal?  To look at what you’ve created and wondered how the hell you got here from there?  Regardless, there were bumps in the road from getting my Steam store set up, apparently my account had not been populated with the right hooks to add all the publishing information I needed to set up my storefront page.  I was shooting for a steam release of August 19, and then set that back to September 15.  At this time I had JUST resolved my storefront issue and not ready to release.  I was also preoccupied with the construction of my studio space (more on that later) and doing all the new-company things you have to do when you start a new company.  By the time I returned to EFZO, I could see from my continuing testing experiences that I had made some misjudgments on the scope of the game (yes, overscoping) and to deliver the product I wanted would require more time.  And that is where I stand right now – pinned, in a vice made of time itself, between the present (This crisp Wednesday afternoon in October) and my true deadline of October 31, at 12:00 noon.  My current struggles are recording and implementing some of the additional audio which tells the story of the station.

Anyway, I need testers to come help me test some of these experiences, I can’t work in a bubble, so if any of you feel like helping, please get in touch with me.




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